Premier Bulgarian Birding Lodge & Conservation Centre

 on the Northern Black Sea Coast


 The construction by the Foundation of Branta Birding Lodge & Conservation Centre near Durankulak Lake represents a significant initiative for the Bulgarian Dobrudja. The Lake Durankulak is a Wetland of International Importance, listed under the Convention on Wetlands (signed in Ramsar, Iran, 1971), where the world population of the globally threatened Red-breasted Goose (Branta ruficollis) winters and, in this connection, the establishment of Branta Centre is one of the most important tasks of  the foundation.

 The Centre is a 2-storey building, of a total built-up area of 532 m2, in the traditional Bulgarian architectural style (cf. photo).

Branta Conservation Centre is located in the epicenter of the Red-breasted Goose wintering grounds and benefits from ecotourism are directly contributing to the conservation of this critically endangered long distance migrant from extinction.(cf. photo). 

This is an excellent place for birders, photographers and nature lovers wishing to stay in a warm and friendly atmosphere and enjoy wildlife around protected wetlands and surrounding areas. It offers outstanding birdwatching opportunities for novice and professional birders, including a variety of birding excursions from Bulgarian and Romanian lagoons, along the Black Sea coast, through steppe habitats and ancient wet forests, to steep-sided gorges… Provides for an Eco-Friendly vacation especially for Nature, Wildlife and Photo Tours, Birdwatching Holidays, Hobby Tourism, Weekend and Day-trips. The building plot and the Centre are property of the Foundation Le Balkan-Bulgaria and it is serving as a base for organizing special wildlife tours around the Lake, as well as for implementing Red-breasted Goose conservation, education and scientific activities.

 An ecological exhibition for local, national and international visitors serves to disseminate the principles and obligations for the wise use and conservation of wetlands and their resources; key issues of the Ramsar Convention. The information hall is crucial to launch an education and awareness programme for school children and the local populations. Branta Birding Lodge and Conservation Centre also provides the infrastructures necessary to hold successful environmental meetings and international seminars.

 The Foundation “Le Balkan” has a much experience in the field of increasing environmental awareness. Its president, Mr. Pavel Simeonov, is developing East-West links, showing much faith and perseverance.

There is a good relationship established since several years between the Foundation “Le Balkan” and the Ramsar Bureau, and there is an international support provided to the Foundation´s projects by many Bulgarian and International institutions and NGOs (Bulgarian Ministry of Environment and Waters, French GEF, French and Luxembourg ministries of environment, USFWS, LNVL, MAVA, WWF, ENF, local Municipalities of Kavarna & Shabla etc.) This initiative produces a significant impact for conservation, management and wise use of the important natural heritage of Durankulak Lake.


Premier Red-breasted Goose Conservation Centre in Bulgaria