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"LE BALKAN" joins efforts of two nature conservation NGOs:
Le Balkan-France Society  and  Le Balkan-Bulgaria Foundation

They run joint biodiversity projects. 

Of these two, one develops international co-operation, 
which is put into practice at local and national level by the other. 

Their complementing each other is the key point of our concept. 


  • Identification of original models in the field of nature protection and management and their transfer to Bulgaria.
  • Adaptation of specific methods to suit local peculiarities by raising awareness and persuasion of local people.
  • Creating possibilities for spreading those methods in other East European countries.

Main goals:

  • To contribute to the conservation of endangered and rare ecosystems, natural habitats, plants and threatened animal species.
  • To work out and execute national and international biodiversity conservation projects.
  • To carry out research, monitoring and management work on different categories of protected areas and species.
  • To raise public awareness about nature conservation problems.
  • To publish "Branta" magazine in Bulgarian, French and English.
  • To develop eco-tourism concept, together with "Branta-Tours" Ltd.

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"Le Balkan" - Central Office

"Le Balkan" - Black Sea Division 

National Museum of Natural History

Branta ruficollis Main Office

1, Tsar Osvoboditel blvd.

Sofia, Bulgaria

Tel:     ++359 887 30 87 53

Branta Conservation Centre

BG-9670 Durankulak, Bulgaria

Tel/Fax: +359 (0)888.47.66.01