In the beginning of the 1999’s breeding season the Srebarna colony was monitored by scientists of the Foundation. They noticed first encouraging effects of the taken measures. In this respect Dr.Gerold Dobler from Swarovski Optik was invited to evaluate the results of our joint efforts.

The visit to the colony was made on 23 May 1999 with the written permission of the Bulgarian Ministry of Environment. This year the water level in the lake was extremely high (for the first time since 1988). All the surface of the breeding grounds was flooded with exception of the reed "sandwiches" made by the Foundation in the autumn of 1998. Almost all nests were built on them. For the first time in Bulgaria nests were also built on an artificial platform. The total number of the breeding pairs was 65 (seven of them on the new wooden platform).

The colony was visited between 10.45 and 11.05 AM at sunny, warm and quiet whether. At this moment about 20 adult pelicans were present in the colony. The chicks (in total 74) were big enough to swim. Several minutes after our departure from the colony the pelicans started to land back.